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When is Ecommerce More Than Just Ecommerce?

It sounds like part of some obscure riddle, but the reality is that ecommerce has grown to encompass more than just an online store. There are more ways to get in front of your potential market and the post-launch marketing is more important than ever. Consumers want information, they want fast and accurate delivery, and they want to save time. Here are a few channels for stores of any size.

How to Control Web Project Costs

When you talk to an architect about building your dream home, you can get a rough idea of the cost by providing some preliminary information. It's not until they dig into specifics - the kind of countertops, number and size of bedrooms, and other important details - that they can provide you with an exact number. The same is true when creating a custom Web site or application. Estimates are often based on little more than an hour-long conversation and a few general examples.

Are You Protected in Case of a Security Breach? (Part 2)

In our last article, we talked about cyber liability insurance, why we carry it, and why it's important for our clients that we do. Now, I'd like to examine the anatomy of a data breach - we'll use the recent Target hack - and look at what the costs would be if it happened to a theoretical small retail store.

Are You Protected in Case of a Security Breach? (Part 1)

You're elated. You've just launched your company's new Web site. Then the euphoria wears off. What happens if someone breaks through the security? What if your data is stolen? What if your customers' data is stolen? How much will it cost to fix? Don't panic. Life happens and there are ways to protect yourself, your business, and your customers.

Why Choose Joomla?

When I'm talking with other business owners that are just getting started, I frequently hear how they built their site in WordPress themselves because it's so easy. Every time I hear "WordPress", I cringe a little (usually on the inside, but occasionally it creeps into my outward expressions). We manage WordPress sites for a few of our clients, but we advocate for Joomla. Here are a few reasons why.

How & When to Launch Your Ecommerce Site

How & When to Launch Your Ecommerce Site

If the 2014 holiday shopping season showed us anything, it's that people are shopping online more and standing in long lines at stores for mediocre sales less. Though the actual numbers have yet to be released, it's tough to ignore the predictions and the trends of the past few years. If your company has been considering launching an ecommerce initiative, there is planning that must be to considered.

And the Award Goes To...

And the Award Goes To...

We really don't know who the award is going to, but we were thrilled to be nominated and be named a finalist for the first annual Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year Award from the Tempe Chamber of Commerce. It's a new award for 2015 and we're up against some great fellow Chamber members.

Make it Easy for Customers to Pay You

Make it Easy for Customers to Pay You

Late in 2014, it was brought to our attention that having a button on the Web site so our customers could pay their balance would be really helpful. PayPal offers some payment button options, but I prefer Stripe for credit card processing. Unfortunately, there were no "pay any amount" extensions for Joomla. ... Until now.

Anatomy 101: Using Stock Photos

When it comes to your site, a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Many clients want to use imagery on the site to emphasize their point, but aren't sure what resources are available or how to pick the right photo, illustration, or artwork. Here are a few questions to keep in mind when choosing photos.

Choosing the Right Platform (Part 2)

Choosing the Right Platform (Part 2)

While discussing Web projects with other business owners, I frequently discuss the merits of Joomla versus WordPress. Many are surprised to learn about previously unknown options. Each platform has it's own merits and drawbacks, but this article will focus some lesser known options.

Choosing the Right Platform (Part 1)

When it comes to technology, many clients ask me about the advantages of one platform over another. Often, they're focused on one platform or they read somewhere that one platform is better than the other. I'm here to dispel some of the myths and offer some advice on how to pick the best technologies to launch your next idea.

Anatomy 101: Bringing Your Content to Life

When we're working with clients on their Web site, they often have an idea of their message but may not know the best way to present that content in a way that engages their customers. Sometimes its the content itself that isn't compelling, other times its simply how that content is presented.