Ecommerce Customer Experience: Trends and Best Practices

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It’s time to get paid. The bottom line of ecommerce is the top line to your business. Ecommerce is essentially the process of collecting payment, quickly, for your products and services. You want this process to be smooth and easy for your customers. In other words, you want a great ecommerce customer experience. Let’s take a look at the trends and best practices of a great ecommerce solution.

Ecommerce Customer Experience Best Practices

The primary advice we give our new ecommerce clients is -- keep it simple and go with proven solutions. Don't reinvent the wheel. Existing payment processing gateways provide options to handle most scenarios. For example, we're rolling out an updated feature and billing process using Stripe subscriptions. Stripe provides a very robust webhook system that can send data to our client's application to handle failures according to settings in Stripe. It reduces the overall requirements to implement a complex solution. You see -- simple, proven. Did you know that 89% of online shoppers report they won’t come back to a site after a bad experience?

Here are some other considerations to make with your ecommerce software:

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Ecommerce Customer Experience Trends

A recent study by Gartner coins a new term, the Intelligent Digital Mesh. The trends that Gartner sees in technology, Intelligence, Digital, and Mesh, come together to give us some insight into the trends in ecommerce customer experience. These platforms will need to be intelligent and mesh with people, business, devices, and other platforms, in addition to residing in the digital realm.

Here are some trends to keep an eye on for your ecommerce customer experience:

The Complexity of Ecommerce Made Simple

Our goal here at Sol Minion Development is to help you create a fast, simple process for your customers to navigate through the payment process within your software. We use simple, proven methods to do so whenever possible. We know that a smooth ecommerce customer experience means more business, better cash flows, and happy customers for your company. Ready to get your ecommerce solution built? Contact us today, and we’ll walk you through the process and get you a proposal.