Cybersecurity Consulting Services

Build Confidence In Knowing Your Business Is Protected, Safe, & Secure

Are You Protected?

If you don't know the answer, we can help you determine your level of risk and provide guidance and solutions on how to reduce it.


Most data breaches are due to human error.


Majority of organizations do not have a documented incident response plan.


Nearly half of all cyber attacks target small businesses.

If you think your company has experienced a cybersecurity breach, you need to act now. Download our free Cybersecurity Checklist. Then contact us for Cybersecurity Consulting.

If you were breached, the attack is not over. Cybersecurity Consulting Services from Sol Minion Development will help stop it and minimize the damage to your data and your customers’ privacy.

We help companies like yours protect against security threats, including malware, ransomware, data breaches, and more.

Sol Minion Cybersecurity Consulting Services can help you find the vulnerabilities, lock down your data and intellectual property, and empower your team to fend off attacks.

Assessment & Analysis

Cybersecurity Plan Development

Employee Training


Average cost of a ransomware attack on businesses.

7 months

Average time to identify a breach in 2019.

The Cybersecurity Assessment

You can get started on your own with our free cybersecurity assessment checklist. It will identify the level of risk in each area of your business, including customer data, networks, vendor/supplier access, and more. We also include actions you can take to lock down your data and information.

Download the Assessment now to get started.

What are Cybersecurity Consulting Services?

Cybersecurity Consulting Services include the following:

Learn more: The Importance of Cybersecurity for Small Business


Most data breaches resulted from hacking.


Successful data breaches using social engineering.


Breaches resulting from some form of malware.

What is the purpose of Cybersecurity Consulting?

We are here to be an impartial, third-party consultant to help you assess and develop your company’s cybersecurity threats and plans. We work with you and your team to ensure that your hardware, software, and personnel work together to protect your systems and information from attacks.

Case Study: United Staffing Associates

Sol Minion Development has been managing the security of the United Staffing Associates' site since 2015. As the threat landscape changed and cybersecurity became increasingly important, we proposed taking a more proactive stance and helped devise a plan to better protect our Web server.

We also educated their marketing and infrastructure team about the data being collected and implemented a seamless migration to additional security measures. and educated the same teams on how to protect their data and understand what to look out for with regards to compliance.

Still have questions? Contact us now for more information.

All Services

Software Consulting

Software Consulting

Planning & Strategy

All companies need a Technology Strategy. When customer data isn’t easily accessed, when your systems run from a number of decentralized software packages, and when your team still works these systems manually, it’s time for a plan to ensure your software solves these issues and keeps up with your business growth. And we can help.

Custom Software

Custom Software

Architecture & Implementation

Your business has outgrown its software. Or maybe you’re still wasting time with spreadsheets and need a better solution. We design security-focused custom software solutions that match your business needs. That means your business will continue to grow your way, not as dictated by some off-the-shelf software.

Craft CMS Development Services

Craft CMS Development Services

Custom Web Site Development

Bespoke Craft CMS development services to create dynamic and user-friendly websites that stand out and grow alongside your business. Our team of experts is here to develop unique digital experiences and ensure that your website is flexible, scalable, fast, and secure.

DevOps Development Services

DevOps Development Services

Deployment & QA Automation

Custom DevOps development services that merge software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops) to accelerate the delivery of your solutions. Let us optimize your resources and minimize your time-to-solution with a continuous delivery process marked by unwavering quality.

Healthcare Software Development

Healthcare Software Development

Records & Compliance

Many healthcare practices don't move forward with the right software solution out of fear that the technology will be difficult to use or too complicated. Our solutions will be simple, intuitive, and do most of the work in the background.

Travel Software Development Services

Travel Software Development Services

Custom Software Solutions

Comprehensive travel software development services for travel agencies, airlines, and accommodation providers. Streamline online reservations and bookings, automate communications, and gain valuable insights through data analytics.

Agriculture Software Development

Agriculture Software Development

Custom Software Solutions

Custom software development services to the agriculture industry to empower farmers and agricultural businesses with cutting-edge digital solutions that help streamline processes, track inventory, optimize workflows, and make informed decisions.

Custom Ecommerce Software

Custom Ecommerce Software

Online Retail & Digital Services

Whether you’re looking to start selling online or expanding your existing business, we use Ecommerce Software to link your sales portals to other systems so you spend less time managing your business and more time doing what you love.

Software Maintenance

Software Maintenance

Support & Updates

If your software needs updates, bug fixes, or added features, we work to perform continued Software Maintenance and upgrades on your existing software. Even if we weren’t the original developers, we can often help your software grow with your business.