Custom Healthcare Software Development

For Small Healthcare Practices in Arizona and Washington

You need the benefits of modern, secure record keeping. You need to analyze data and have easy access to information through your bluetooth devices. And you need to stay compliant!

That’s what custom healthcare software development will bring to your practice.

Simplify Processes

Increase Collaboration

Improve Patient Care

Stay Secure & Compliant

The Benefits of Custom Healthcare Software

If you’re like many healthcare practice owners and managers, you and your staff spend a lot of time recording notes and entering data. Imagine if you could spend that time caring for patients and working ON your practice.

Custom Healthcare Software brings many benefits to healthcare businesses just like yours:

  • Automate Processes: Reclaim your time and your staff’s time.
  • Easier to Use: Easy and intuitive, your users will be more likely to really use it.
  • Compliance: Get peace of mind knowing your business is compliant.
  • Improved Patient Care: Personalize patient care, create comfort, and reduce stress.
  • Collaboration: Easily -- and securely -- share information internally, with patients and with other providers.

Automate Processes

Easier to Use


Improved Patient Care


Let Us Handle the Technology

The biggest thing stopping healthcare practices from moving forward with the right software solution is the fear of new technology. They worry that the technology will be difficult to use, that it won’t be user friendly, that it will be too complicated. Those are EXACTLY the reasons to let Sol Minion handle this for you. Our solutions will be simple, intuitive, and do most of the work in the backgroundwhile your team focuses on your patients.

Why Now?

Using the right custom healthcare software to help you manage your practice might be the first step in creating the practice you always wanted and expected, the practice that your patients need from you. Once you start automating processes, analyzing data, collecting data from your Bluetooth-enabled wearables, and using an intuitive back-office portal, you will start to see the emergence of the best healthcare practice you can offer.

Why Sol Minion?


Project Management

We focus on user experience by building an intuitive interface. No more complicated, cumbersome software. Your users will WANT to sign in and use your solutions. You are already forced to use EHR/EMR for compliance. Why can’t that be an intuitive, easy solution? It can.

We have been building custom software for over two decades. We create a roadmap for your technology, manage your project, and deliver the best solution for your practice.

Get Your Solution Now

How It Works: Getting Started Is Easy

Our process is simple:

  1. Project Discovery: We identify what you need and want your software to do for you, your patients, and your providers.
  2. Proposal and Scope: We develop a scope of work and a proposal you can understand. We work from this document to ensure we’re all on the same sheet of music.
  3. Project Management: We stay in regular communication with you and your key players to ensure we complete the project on time and within budget.
  4. Implementation: We roll out your software and technology, including data migration and training, in order to help your users adopt it right away with enthusiasm.

Once you have your solution, your team will get real peace of mind, knowing that it is secure, easy to use, and is built on the best architecture.

All Services

Cybersecurity Advisory Services

Cybersecurity Advisory Services

We work with you to ensure that your systems and information are protected from attacks. Through Cybersecurity Consulting, we will assist in assessing risk and creating a holistic cybersecurity strategy.

Custom Software Consulting

Custom Software Consulting

Not sure what to do next when it comes to your company’s software? We can help you develop your Software Strategy now and provide Software Consulting to develop a road map for which software solutions you should implement in your business.

Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

When an off-the-shelf solution doesn't exist, we can create a custom software package that helps you do business your way. Tie together existing solutions. Integrate with third parties such as vendors, suppliers, and customers.



Whether you’re looking to start selling online or expanding your existing business, we use Ecommerce Software to link your sales portals to other systems so you spend less time managing your business and more time doing what you love.

Healthcare Software Development

Healthcare Software Development

Many healthcare practices don't move forward with the right software solution out of fear that the technology will be difficult to use or too complicated. Our solutions will be simple, intuitive, and do most of the work in the background.