Cybersecurity Budget Planning

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Many breaches involve vulnerabilities for which a patch was available but not applied.


Most business leaders feel their cybersecurity risks are increasing.

Cybersecurity statistics are scary enough. What keeps business owners and IT professionals up at night is even more worrisome: it’s not knowing what you don’t know about your company’s security risks. When we help you with Cybersecurity Budget Planning, including a detailed analysis of your cyber posture, you will have peace of mind knowing you have the recommended controls in place and a budget that supports them.

As part of our cybersecurity consulting services, we offer Cybersecurity Budget Planning, including:

  • Expert analysis of your current cybersecurity posture
  • Development of a long-term cybersecurity plan, including training
  • A working budget to ensure necessary resources to keep your business secure

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Many companies saw security and risk management as the number one driver of IT spending overall.


By the end of 2020, security services will account for half of all cybersecurity budgets.

How do your cybersecurity budget consulting services work? Will I just have more work to do?

That will most likely be up to you and how your business operates. We use a cybersecurity framework that will identify security controls specific to your company. We identify what activities will mitigate risks and create a plan to implement those. At that point, we can take that on or leave that up to your team. Your call.

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7 months

According to IBM, the average time to identify a breach in 2019. Cybersecurity Budget Planning and proactively monitoring your systems can help you identify a breach sooner and minimize the impact.

Do I need a cybersecurity assessment if we haven’t been attacked?

The troubling answer to this question is that companies discover these breaches months after they happen -- seven months later, on average. Again, the scary part is not knowing what you don’t know. The smart move is to utilize Cybersecurity Budget Planning now in order to save time, money, and headaches later on. The cost to respond to a breach can be up to 4-5 times the cost of prevention.

Are you confident that your company hasn’t suffered an attack or even a breach? Don’t wonder. Find out.

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Software Consulting

Software Consulting

Planning & Strategy

All companies need a Technology Strategy. When customer data isn’t easily accessed, when your systems run from a number of decentralized software packages, and when your team still works these systems manually, it’s time for a plan to ensure your software solves these issues and keeps up with your business growth. And we can help.

Custom Software

Custom Software

Architecture & Implementation

Your business has outgrown its software. Or maybe you’re still wasting time with spreadsheets and need a better solution. We design security-focused custom software solutions that match your business needs. That means your business will continue to grow your way, not as dictated by some off-the-shelf software.

Healthcare Software Development

Healthcare Software Development

Records & Compliance

Many healthcare practices don't move forward with the right software solution out of fear that the technology will be difficult to use or too complicated. Our solutions will be simple, intuitive, and do most of the work in the background.

Custom Ecommerce Software

Custom Ecommerce Software

Online Retail & Digital Services

Whether you’re looking to start selling online or expanding your existing business, we use Ecommerce Software to link your sales portals to other systems so you spend less time managing your business and more time doing what you love.

Software Product Discovery

Software Product Discovery

Digital Products & Services

Launch that new digital product with our Product Discovery and Development consulting services. From idea generation to ongoing updates, we’ve got you covered and can save your team the headaches of missing the target when creating a great product.

Software Auditing

Software Auditing

Compliance & Due Diligence

Reduce your risk with a complete software audit as part of your due diligence in acquiring software as part of a merger or acquisition.

Software Maintenance

Software Maintenance

Support & Updates

If your software needs updates, bug fixes, or added features, we work to perform continued Software Maintenance and upgrades on your existing software. Even if we weren’t the original developers, we can often help your software grow with your business.

Cybersecurity Consulting Services

Cybersecurity Consulting Services

Assessments & Strategy

We help companies like yours protect against cybersecurity threats, including malware, ransomware, data breaches, and more. We work with you and your team to help assess threats and develop your company’s cybersecurity strategy and incident response plan. Ensure your hardware, software, and personnel work together to protect your systems and information from cyber attacks.