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The Cybersecurity Checklist for Small Business

Your Cybersecurity Plan, Step 1: Download This Cybersecurity Checklist

There is a lot of fear and uncertainty around cybersecurity planning. That’s why we have created this simple Cybersecurity Checklist to help you identify and understand the existing risks of storing company and customer information.

Small businesses don’t have the resources -- people and budget -- to dedicate full-time attention to cybersecurity. That means they often either ignore or simply overlook both cybersecurity planning and understanding the dangers. And that can be fatal when a breach occurs.

Our Cybersecurity Checklist will help you:

  1. Determine the severity of the risk to any and all data you store, including the potential damage that could result from a breach.
  2. Guide you through taking a complete inventory of your data, helping you find risks you never considered.
  3. Find ways to protect your data.
  4. Evaluate the risk to your suppliers and vendors, as well as any risk they introduce to your security.
  5. Give you peace of mind knowing that you’re finally protecting your business from attacks.

Get started and download the checklist right now.

Cybersecurity checklist

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Start creating your cybersecurity strategy with our free checklist to evaluate your risk.

What Are The Risks To A Small Business?

Every piece of data and information stored within your business carries a certain level of risk. The question to ask yourself is, “How would it impact your business if that information fell into the wrong hands?

Is Your Business At Risk?

All businesses are at risk. Have you ever left your garage door open overnight and felt lucky nothing was stolen? You were lucky because the opportunistic thieves just happened to be driving through some other neighborhood at the time. The problem with your data is that you don’t even know the doors are open! Hackers launch bots to comb the internet looking for those vulnerabilities. They also create new vulnerabilities through phishing emails to your employees. Once they have those openings, they log the information for later use. It’s easier for them to breach 100 small businesses than it is to try and crack one large business with tight security.

How Do I Identify The Risks?

What we have found over the years is that business owners don’t know where to start. It’s not in your job title or description to know where hackers look for openings. That can cause cybersecurity paralysis -- where do you even begin? That is why we’ve created this Cybersecurity Checklist to help you get started and have a very simple plan to identify the risks that exist in your business...right now.

How Do I Eliminate/Mitigate Those Risks?

Once you have taken inventory of your risks and prioritized them according to the level of risk, you and your team can begin to close those doors of vulnerability. That may include the right cybersecurity training, updating your software, implementing better password policies, or other cybersecurity best practices. That all begins with a good assessment to understand exactly what risks to your data and information currently exist.

Where Do I Start?

We’ve made that easy. Start here, with this Free Cybersecurity Checklist. It will help you go through your business, step by step, and identify and prioritize your risks. Once you’ve completed the Cybersecurity Checklist, you’ll be ready to take action and start protecting your business and your customers from a breach.

Download the Cybersecurity Checklist now. All you need is an email address.

And After That?

Completing this Cybersecurity Checklist will open your eyes and get you thinking about protecting your business. Once you go through this checklist, you can begin putting together your Cybersecurity Plan, including plans to monitor, detect, and react to any breaches or attempted breaches. You’ll be ready to lock down your business and protect it from attackers.

And of course, we can help with that.

But first, download this Cybersecurity Checklist. You’ll be glad you did.