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Our ongoing Software Maintenance keeps the application up and moving forward and allows for strategic development and frees you up to run your business

Many sites provide instant access to customer support via live chat. Business owners are already consumed with managing the business and making sure orders are being shipped on time. Sol Minion Development’s Software Maintenance and Support plans help by providing a custom branded support portal for your online store, site, or application. Sol Minion Development offers support and maintenance for our clients’ projects. Even if we didn’t develop your custom software, we might be able to offer you the same great Software Maintenance and Support. Contact us to find out more.

We assist with Customer Support by offering

Flexibility with 3 commitment levels and two term lengths

We offer three different support tiers to fit your needs and budget. These include 8, 12, or 16 pre-paid hours. All hours, including any additional hours used under the plans are discounted at 5, 10, and 15% below our standard rates, depending on the plan tier. Clients can do monthly payments or pay for the base plan amount for the entire year.

Same business-day response time

As part of our Software Maintenance agreement, we provide updates on resolution and planned completions in the same day. These updates continue until the support issue is fully resolved.

Customer Support live chat

We set up a customer-branded live chat widget on the site to provide support directly to our clients’ customers. Clients also have the option, for an additional fee, of opening a support chat through our support portal to reach us directly.

After-hours support services available

To minimize any disruptions to our clients’ business applications, we do production deployments after hours and provide after hours resolutions for support requests. After hour resolutions incur additional charges. These are reserved for true emergencies and deployments that prevent access to the application by their customers/staff.

When to add Live Support for your Software Maintenance

Our software support plans are for fully implemented solutions. Support during implementation is part of our project estimates. Our post-implementation Software Maintenance and Support plans specifically address required updates to the application, implementation of customer change orders, and fixing any issues or bugs that were not caught by the customer’s final review prior to deployment.

We do the Support, You Run Your Business

The key components for a business manager to consider are the hard costs of Software Maintenance and Support and the opportunity costs associated with time and resources diverted from the company’s core products and services. When outsourcing end-user support to Sol Minion Development, a business frees its team to focus on growth activities, such as sales, demos, customer relations, etc.

Types of software (sites, stores, apps) best suited for Support services

Digital products (SaaS services), internal operations software, and custom business management software are the best candidates for our Software Maintenance and Support services. Basically, a business that isn't using a boxed or packaged software solution will benefit from a good support plan.

What about live agents?

We don’t offer call center phone support at this time, but it is something that we can implement for the right project. We’re already well versed in custom phone numbers and call routing.

Get a quote today for your Custom Software Maintenance and Support plan

Our ongoing Software Maintenance keeps the application up and moving forward. It allows for ongoing strategic development by our clients because it allows us to look at what needs to be accomplished over the life of the contract. It also allows us the necessary time to implement regular patches to the software and infrastructure.

Contact us today to discuss your Software Maintenance and Support needs.

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