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If there was just one thing that would make your business better, what is it? We can help you find out what the 'one thing' is and deliver a solution.

Hiring for Software Consulting is like having a part-time CIO for hire. Software consulting is a service that creates a specific software strategy for your business. Without a defined strategy, many companies find themselves using spreadsheets, entering data manually -- and multiple times -- and using several pieces of software that don’t tie together.

With the right strategy for Software Consulting, your company will realize the benefits of a software development plan:

  • Efficiency: The purpose of software is to speed things up, not bog them down. Data entered in one place should be available everywhere it’s needed. Processes can be automated. This is all accomplished with the right plan.
  • Profitability: When your team works more efficiently, they create more bottom-line profits.
  • Scalability: Your software will grow as your company grows. As sales grow, so will your employee team, your client base, and your suppliers. A software strategy puts a plan in place to scale with that growth.
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What is Software Consulting?

Software consulting results in a strategy that helps your business make the right decisions for your software solutions, including:

  • Choosing the right solution: custom or off-the-shelf
  • Identifying what processes can be automated
  • Removing redundant activities that hurt efficiency
  • Selecting the underlying hardware and software stack technologies
  • Implementing the plan

Not sure where to begin with your software plan? Start with our free Technology Strategy Planner.

Not sure where to begin?

Our free planning resource will guide you and focus your planning toward specific goals.

What is the Difference Between Software Consulting and Software Development?

With each custom software project that we work on, the first step is identifying your needs and business goals, then devising a plan to create the software that achieves those goals. This involves gathering information from you and anybody that may need to use the system. This includes your leadership team, customers, vendors, suppliers, and others.

Once a plan is in place, development can begin. At this point, Software Consulting and Software Development work together. As your custom software consultants, we partner with you throughout the entire development process.

Case Study

The Client: A Consumer Rights Law Firm

The Situation: Existing processes were causing work bottlenecks and duplicate entry, causing unnecessary delays in serving their clients.

The Solution: A custom practice management software package that integrates marketing and appointment-setting while automating the workflow process. That prevented duplicate data and reduced the time to set up new clients by 90%.

We were first approached by a local consumer rights law firm, in 2017. The lead attorney and business owner, Rochelle Poulton, knew she would need a better system to serve her clients as she grew. We began by learning her entire current process for setting up client files and managing information. Once we knew the specifics, we were able to confirm the bottlenecks she already knew about, identify additional bottlenecks, and propose ways to centralize client management, automate time-consuming form generation, and secure critical client information.

The first phase of custom software development was started and launched in 2018. By providing a custom solution for practice management that includes additional security to protect their client's personally identifiable information (PII). Our solution provides a centralized system of record for client files that integrate with their marketing and appointment setting providers, prevents duplicate entry, and reduces the time required to set up client files by 90%. Since launching, we have continued to work with the team by providing technical support and ongoing enhancements to secure the team's ability to work remotely.

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Cybersecurity Advisory Services

Cybersecurity Advisory Services

We work with you to ensure that your systems and information are protected from attacks. Through Cybersecurity Consulting, we will assist in assessing risk and creating a holistic cybersecurity strategy.

Custom Software Consulting

Custom Software Consulting

Not sure what to do next when it comes to your company’s software? We can help you develop your Software Strategy now and provide Software Consulting to develop a road map for which software solutions you should implement in your business.

Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

When an off-the-shelf solution doesn't exist, we can create a custom software package that helps you do business your way. Tie together existing solutions. Integrate with third parties such as vendors, suppliers, and customers.



Whether you’re looking to start selling online or expanding your existing business, we use Ecommerce Software to link your sales portals to other systems so you spend less time managing your business and more time doing what you love.

Healthcare Software Development

Healthcare Software Development

Many healthcare practices don't move forward with the right software solution out of fear that the technology will be difficult to use or too complicated. Our solutions will be simple, intuitive, and do most of the work in the background.