Cybersecurity Awareness Training

What If All Of Your Sensitive Data Showed Up On Google Tomorrow?


Most business leaders don’t know what to do in case of a cybersecurity attack.


Nearly half of all employees lack any Cybersecurity training.

Untrained employees are the number one cybersecurity vulnerability. Arm your team with the information they need to keep cybersecurity attackers away. Cybersecurity threats come from all angles -- email, phone, network vulnerabilities. When your employees have the right cybersecurity awareness training, they will defend against those attacks and keep your company safe from breaches. That will save you time, money...and embarrassment.

Through Cybersecurity Awareness Training, we empower your team to:

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Most successful cyberattacks are a result of phishing scams.


Most employees click emails they know are suspicious.

Protection Against Social Engineering Attacks

Your data and your customers’ information are only as secure as your biggest weakness, which is most likely your employees. As part of our training, we teach your employees what to look for in a social engineering attack -- Phishing, Pretexting, Baiting, Quid Pro Quo, and Tailgating. We train them on how to react and how to stay prepared for future attacks. Training against social engineering attacks is your best defense.

The Cybersecurity Posture Assessment

The Cybersecurity Posture Assessment quantifies each area of your cybersecurity protection plan in order to compare the risks versus rewards. This assessment tool helps your IT team budget for improvements in your cybersecurity defenses, including software and hardware updates, device security, protection software, employee training, and more.

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