Application Software: Mobile App for Financial Advisors

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You’re likely looking for ways to differentiate yourself from your competition while finding new ways to connect with your clients. You do that with a financial app that gives your customers new ways to run their numbers themselves and make informed decisions on their portfolios. Getting your own app designed may have been cost-prohibitive...until now.

Do Financial Advisors Need an App?

It’s all about branding and staying in touch with your clients. Of course, the point is to deliver value to your clients (see below). In doing so, your name and logo will be in front of them while they use it. Clients regularly go to Google to find the most popular financial calculators, such as savings, retirement, and standard of living calculators. However, they are often confused by financial industry jargon. Offering something that is easy to understand will instill confidence in your firm.

You want an app that can be white-labeled (your branding, including your headshot and contact info), is fully compliant and is available on the marketplaces -- Apple and Google. And yes, our app does all of that.

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What Should A Financial Advisor's App Do?

Your clients (and prospects) will be relieved to have a calculator app that handles the most popular requests, one that uses plain old, everyday language versus financial jargon. When they’re able to fill in the information easily on the calculators and get a quick answer, they’re going to associate that experience with you. And, you’ll keep them from going to Google for answers. Here are the most popular calculators that your app should have:

How Your Clients Benefit From Your App

Clients want simplicity, and they want to know their options. We hear that regularly from our Financial Advisor clients. When you’re able to offer them a simple tool that is easy to use and uses common, everyday language, they’ll use it more often. They’ll also feel empowered, having the calculations in the palm of their hands. That builds trust.

Getting Setup with Your App Is Fast and Easy

Contact us to get your financial services app up and running. You’ll be able to direct your prospects and customers to download the app right from your website. It’s fast and easy and will deliver real value to your market.