Treat Your Web Site Like an Investment

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Our projects typically fall on the highly-technical end of the spectrum (in case last week’s blog hadn’t already made that abundantly clear) and represent a much more significant investment for a company, but even the much commonplace “brochure site” which is often your first point of contact in sales is an important part of your marketing efforts.

A recent article in Entrepreneur Online said it best:

“Treating it like it it's something less worthy of investment cuts into your ability to succeed.”

Their article is focused on content marketing, specifically that you need to invest as much effort into producing high-quality content as you would a national advertising campaign. If you think about it, your Web site is your global advertising campaign. You want it to shine! To accomplish that goal, outsourcing to the cheapest possible option isn’t a worthy investment. Sure, sometimes you need to keep the costs down, but it’s important to recognize what will ultimately give a great impression to your prospects when they come to your site (or register with your Web platform) and to invest accordingly.

We seek the best developers and, in general, source only from inside the US and Canada. We largely ignore the continent of Asia (and a large chunk of Europe, though we've seen some contractor applicants from the region from strong candidates). Sure, there’s a premium to enlist that level of talent, but it’s best that everything is done right.

How much have you invested in your Web site? What would you say is your return? Are you constantly getting cheap or stingy clients? Maybe it’s time to upgrade your Web site or improve your application’s usability.

We have helped many companies with applications built in the most budget-conscious way and we help them by making sure that application can grow with them and accurately reflects the quality of their organization. It takes time (we’ve been working with one such client for over four years), but we enjoy improving applications incrementally. Contact us if you’re interested in investing in your company’s technology.