Thinking BIG With Your Technology Strategy

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The days of running a business “old school” -- without the latest technology -- are long gone. These days, you need to prepare your business for digital transformation, integrating new technology, automating processes, and cyberattacks. A proactive technology strategy will help your business stay a step ahead. Just think of the possibilities for growth, security, and new opportunities. Think BIG!

The “Unlimited Budget” Scenario

Imagine that you have an unlimited budget for your technology. That can be hard. As you begin to think of all the things that you need in order to put a good, proactive plan in place, you will likely start adding up dollars, thinking this might be difficult. That said, this section isn’t really a budget exercise. What we want here is to open up planning for all of the possibilities, so that you don’t leave something important on the table.

So, what would you do for your technology strategy given unlimited funds and resources? Maybe some of the following:

  1. Software: Your business software is supposed to enable business success and help you achieve your performance goals. It should also protect your data. What software does your team need to maximize their efforts?
  2. Training: It’s easy to overlook humans when we talk about technology, but your team (including vendors, customers, etc.) are the ones using your technology. Training is a large part of your technology planning for both software usage and information security.
  3. Cybersecurity: Speaking of information security, every business would love an unlimited budget for cybersecurity. What would you do with a budget like that in order to protect your data and your customers’ information?
  4. Planning: The key to a good technology strategy is a feedback loop. When you get input from your team and users on what they need, then your technology strategy becomes an evolving, ongoing exercise. What planning processes or tools would you implement with this unlimited budget?

As you play the “unlimited budget” game, our guess is one area you would want to GO BIG with your technology is automation.

Imagine Automation

Busy work -- can you eliminate or reduce it with software? When you are able to take mundane tasks off of your team’s desks and automate it with software, you allow your people to do what they do best. The end result is better productivity as well as a noticeable boost in morale. This concept needs to be central in your technology strategy planning. Remember, you want to prepare for growth, for threats, and for new opportunities. This proactive approach is made easier with automation.

If you had unlimited resources, would you automate any of these processes?

That’s a list of individual opportunities to automate your processes, but imagine if you integrated them all together -- better data, more efficiency, predictive growth, information security.

Input From Those Who Know Your Processes

We make it sound easy to identify opportunities for automation, but that can start to feel like too large of an exercise. There’s good news. You are surrounded by experts in this area -- the people implementing the process. What questions can you ask your team to discover hidden processes that can be automated? Maybe ask yourself why you’re not asking them for feedback already. After all, it’s their time and their jobs that you’re going to make easier. Ask them!

Thinking Big Means Preparation

It can be fun to imagine having an unlimited budget, to give yourself the freedom to think really BIG. Our hope is that you will use this exercise to make sure your company is prepared for the coming growth, changes, and information security. When you can be proactive with your technology strategy, you get out of your own way and you create the foundation for the business you always knew you could build.

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