Strategies and Tools for Collaborative Project Management Across Borders

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As physical location becomes less important in digitally-oriented jobs, learning to leverage the skills of global teams is a must. Remote collaboration has its challenges, but the benefits can far outweigh them. 

To manage global teams  successfully, you’ll need clear communication, the right tools, and a willingness to re-evaluate rigid work models that may be more familiar than helpful. If this seems daunting, here’s where to start.

Top 3 Collaborative Project Management Tips

Foster Community and Understanding Across Cultures

According to the Harvard Business Review, empathy, reduced social distance, and lowering the stakes in virtual meetings are key aspects of creating a more cohesive global team. If you employ people located in different countries, it’s crucial to understand the part cultural perceptions play in how we communicate and function. 

Prioritize Data Security

Protecting your business’ and customer data is always important, and the risks multiply when your team is spread out geographically. Stay vigilant and set yourself up for success by adopting zero-trust security practices in your strategy. 

Leverage Project Management and Communication Tools

Finding the right tools for managing your projects and communication can make a huge difference to remote teams. They foster teamwork, improve communication, enable progress tracking, and boost productivity levels. It's not easy to find a reliable all-in-one platform. So, consider using a combination of asynchronous communication and instant messaging tools for different purposes. Set clearly documented expectations for how and when your remote team should use them.

Project management tools like Trello and Asana offer excellent functionality. They help with keeping your projects on track, assigning deadlines, and sharing documents in a centralized location. If you’re also looking to automate complex workflows and need integrations for content management, Zoho Projects is one of our preferred tools. Its design is simple and intuitive for use on mobile devices.

Using instant messaging tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp, and Signal facilitates real-time collaboration with team members. However, it’s worth doing your research about potential vulnerabilities and limitations before choosing a tool― especially for international teams. Versus has side-by-side comparisons, like this one for Slack and Signal, to help narrow down your options. Whichever applications you choose, be sure to provide clear documentation on best practices for your team to avoid compromising your data security.

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