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This week, we'll be holding our first training workshop to help small business owners entrepreneurs with their email marketing. During the rise of social media, you may have heard "email marketing is dead". Well, I assure you it's not - and many experts agree with me.

Email and social media marketing are just part of an overall marketing strategy aimed at distributing your message to your subscribers. Further, experts remind us that it has always been a driving force behind ecommerce and, in an age where everyone really wants fresh, compelling, and unique content, it is now the driving force behind a content marketing strategy.

According to this recent article, email service providers (ESPs) such as MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, and Aweber, are experiencing a new wave of integration - making it easier for small businesses to leverage powerful third-party platforms to keep their name and their message in front of their customers. It's also growing to become an integral part of many marketing strategies, such as mobile marketing. I don't know about you, but I spend a lot of time looking over emails on my smart phone and more than once I've clicked through a marketing email I received to look at the product in question or read the news article. Reading email is still the number one activity on mobile devices.

Now that I've talked about why email marketing is important, do you feel ready? How's your subscriber list? If you don't have one or you aren't adding people to it, contact us. We'll be hosting additional workshops this year aimed at helping you leverage technology to streamline your business. We can also help with your overall Web strategy and custom solutions for your business.