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When it comes to email marketing, there's plenty of good information from a lot of sources about how to your email should indulge the customer to get a click. I recently came across a great article that was a bit different. I wanted to share that could change how you go about your email marketing.

In 6 Reasons Your Email Marketing Efforts Are Not Effective, the writer talks about a lot of things that are great in practice and that I've talked about before: know your customers, make decisions with data and monitor the results, and try different things. There are two new items here that I want to touch on.

The first is keeping your contact database on the up-and-up. MailChimp has an interesting system that actually prevents the import of purchased lists. There's a lot of AI behind that, so it's best to build your list organically. My workshop in January touched on one method of doing this by making sure you're subscribing people who you've actually met. If you weren't able to attend, keep an eye out because we'll be doing more (and different) workshops. In short, make sure that when you meet someone, you're getting them on your mailing list - just be sure to confirm they're OK with being added. It's the courteous thing to do.

The second point from the article I'd like to echo is that of overdoing it. I'm sure we've all managed to get on one of those email lists. You know the ones I'm talking about - the ones that send a new email every single day. Inundating your customers with email isn't going to win you over. Create a schedule and stick to it. There are some easy ways to set it up so when you create your content on the Web site, it can be funnelled into an email newsletter. How do you think I reach everyone weekly?

Just remember, email marketing is about quality, not quantity. If you're sending once a week and getting too many dropped subscriptions, perhaps it's time to evaluate your schedule. If you're looking to automate your newsletters, that can simplify things and save you time. Keep an eye out for upcoming workshops to help with setting that up.