Marketing Automation: When To Go with Custom Software

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Businesses and their customers want flexibility. They want solutions designed just for them. That’s where a custom marketing automation software package can give both the business and their clients just what they want. For example, financial calculators are easy to find and plug right into a website. But many of them are confusing, don’t use everyday language, and drive prospects away. Imagine a financial calculator -- mortgage, loan, investment, savings, etc. -- that uses non-finance language for your average Joe, one that offers answers and insights in addition to the calculation. That’s what customers expect today, and that’s what businesses could be providing.

And that’s a piece of marketing automation. Take an interaction like that in an online calculator and push it into a completely automated lead development and marketing system, all designed specifically for your prospects. Sounds great, right? Yes. So, let’s dig into Marketing Automation a bit.

What Is Marketing Automation: A Quick Guide

Marketing Automation software helps businesses manage their sales and marketing funnels by handling many of the routine tasks involved in marketing, from following up on new leads to contacting existing customers. The software needs to incorporate the business’ overall strategies, all while maintaining its marketing “voice.”

Marketing Automation involves the following:

  1. Timing and Triggers: Think of the tasks involved in handling a new lead. The prospect gets a quick confirmation email. Their information is saved into the Customer Relations Management (CRM) system. A new task is created to follow up with a call or email. That process is triggered by the new lead contacting the business through a form, email, chat, etc. What about existing customers? They need to be contacted periodically with offers, reminders, and specials. That will be triggered by the time since their last purchase or other events.
  2. Integration: Like we mentioned above, a prospect can have their information injected straight into your other systems, including the CRM, email databases, fulfillment platforms, etc. Each segment of a business can become an automated piece of the whole process without any of them becoming a stopgap.
  3. Intelligence: Using your existing Business Logic which is likely managed by your team members today, you can automate the flow of information and work within your business and speed up the process, creating efficiencies -- and happy customers.
  4. Internal Communication: Turning a brand new lead into a raving fan will involve several departments within your company. Those might include Sales, Marketing, Finance, Engineering, Order Fulfillment, etc. Automating the flow of information among those departments and individuals will ensure that a new lead or prospect doesn’t end up forgotten or discarded or delayed long enough to lose interest.
  5. External Notifications: In a world where you can watch the progress of your pizza getting baked and delivered on an app, your customers expect to have constant communication with your business. A custom marketing automation software solution can send text updates, email clients information, and even provide status within their customer portals.

Why Custom Software?

There are many out-of-the-box solutions out there for Marketing Automation. So, why go the custom route? Several reasons, including:

How Much Does Custom Marketing Automation Software Cost?

You’ll have to contact us for that one, but know that we’ve worked with all kinds of businesses, large and small, high-tech and low-tech, to develop custom software that helps them grow both top and bottom lines. We’ll get you a quote that’s easy to understand and lays out the entire project, so that you’ll know what to budget for your custom software package.

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