Increasing the Visibility of What You Have to Offer

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I don't often blog about our accomplishments, but I wanted to this time. We recently rolled out an update for one of our clients, coordinating major upgrades to their technology platform (the application itself that drives their business), deployment process (how we get that application to their servers), and an entirely new marketing site. Needless to say, it was big deal and we've learned something about marketing and technology.

Our client,, is a CRM (customer relationship management) system specifically designed for mortgage industry professionals. We first took over maintenance of the platform a little more than two years ago and have been making incremental changes ever since. The upgrades at the beginning of October, to coincide with recent updates to regulations and forms, represents the single biggest project we've accomplished to-date. There was a lot involved and from it, we've learned several things, but what matters to you is how those changes have impacted their site's traffic.

It's been a month since the deployment and we've seen an uptick in some important metrics. Here's just a quick summary:

These are just the highlights from the Google Analytics overview stats. We attribute these increases to a couple things, but most significantly to the use of video and site maps (submitted using Google Webmaster Tools) - both were not previously being utilized until we had separated the marketing site from the application.

Nestablish's product is complex and explaining it in a short paragraph is a challenge. The use of video provides an easily consumable format which can convey very complex ideas. If you aren't using video, you need to be. In the month since deployment, the tutorials section of the site has already shot up to become one of the top 10 pages viewed on the site.

This and the integration with their existing marketing systems, such as MailChimp, have helped improve their visibility and conversion. If you're looking to increase the your visibility and need some assistance, contact our sales team. We can help you get your current video content online and increase your content's visibility using existing tools.