How to Elevate Your Business Performance With Scalable Solutions

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Scaling Horizontally with Local Servers

We’ve worked with clients’ existing systems by scaling horizontally to eliminate time constraints. Essentially, this boils down to automating tasks and breaking up large processes into more manageable sequences that run parallel on smaller servers to maximize your resources and performance. This way, your heavy data processing and user interface systems can run independently and efficiently.

Efficient PDF Processing

If your organization frequently generates and downloads PDF documents at high volume, you already know how time-consuming it can be, and how unexpected delays can derail your team's productivity. If your system for PDF processing is slow or unreliable, it’s time to consider a fix to help you scale more effectively.

Reliable Data Scraping

Your business might employ data scrapers to stay up-to-date with information from a wide variety of websites so you can receive and send timely updates efficiently. Unfortunately, these processes can easily bog down local servers with limited storage and cause frustrating delays.


For one of our GovTech clients, their data scraper crawled roughly 2,000 government sites every night under a deadline, but they didn't have the infrastructure to handle it effectively all at once. The process typically took 8-9 hours, assuming there weren’t any problems. However, a single error would cause the entire process to restart, even if all the data up to that point had been loaded, because of insufficient memory. This is bad news when you operate on a tight schedule.

In this case, a customized solution was key to optimizing their performance. To avoid losing data that had already been loaded, we created a queueing system that divided the workload between an array of smaller servers; shaving hours off their processing time and reducing the overall cost.

Increased Flexibility Through Cloud Migration

Storing your data on a local server may be the most straightforward option starting out, but cloud migration is another way to enhance your business performance as you grow in many ways:

It’s worth noting that, as explained in this Finextra editorial, not all cloud storage providers are equally invested in renewable energy practices. If your company has net-zero goals, it’s worth researching the sustainability practices of potential providers as you consider your options.

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