When To Go With Custom Software

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Last year, we helped you understand the need for custom software, and then we gave you some reasons to do it. You might be convinced going into the new year that your business will benefit from the right software and that software written specifically for your business is the right move. But now, you’re waiting for the right moment to pull the trigger. Knowing when to go custom is a matter of business goals, budget, and timeline.

Going Custom: Your Business Goals

CEOs tend to have common business goals. They want to increase business performance, primarily by improving efficiency, finding new customers, and retaining existing customers. Business software is the lifeblood that helps achieve all of those by providing team members access to the information and systems they need to achieve their own goals and contribute to company goal achievement.

Now, understanding when the time is right to develop your own custom software solution may actually rest on the pain your organization is experiencing using the existing systems. It’s hard to achieve your business goals when your software gets in the way. To get where you want to go, ask yourself (and your team) if you will need to upgrade your software to get you there.

Going Custom: Your Budget

You’re planning for 2021, sitting and staring at that budget spreadsheet. Now is the moment you’ll decide how much to allocate to technology. And as business owners ourselves, we know that you don’t want unnecessary expenses. You want expenses to be more like investments. You want some ROI attached to them. If a budget item doesn’t keep the doors open, keep payroll going, or have a return, it goes. Right? Well, that’s the point of custom software: to increase business performance and provide a return through growth or efficiency -- not to mention team morale.

Is it then time to allocate funding for your software? Is your business ready to innovate, grow, and stay ahead of the hackers?

Going Custom: The Timing

Nothing will make your decision faster for you than an upcoming event or a recent change in your business model. If significant changes have come or are now upon you, it may be time to go with a custom software solution.

The Timing Is Right, So Let’s Plan

So maybe now you’ve convinced yourself that the time is right to go with a custom software solution but don’t know where to begin. Creating a custom software solution for your business is an involved process, but Sol Minion Development has successfully addressed business needs for many years. And we can make sure your project goes just as smoothly. It starts with identifying your business goals and your challenges. So, contact us now, and we’ll get that conversation started.