Custom Software for Mortgage and Real Estate Businesses

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There are plenty of software packages out there for Mortgage and Real Estate pros. But what if your business needs more or you just want to run your business your way, not how some boxed software dictates? What if you have better ideas on how your processes could work, with clients and partners? That’s when you know you’re ready for a custom software solution for your Mortgage or Real Estate business.

Custom Loan Origination Software: Close Faster, Close More

Mortgage loan origination and processing is a complicated, compliance-heavy process. However, software and automation have really made the now-paperless process much easier for both brokers and buyers. The key to a great custom software solution is that it’s easy to use and ensures accuracy throughout the process.

Custom Loan Origination and Process Software must do the following:

  • Generate forms and letters that are required throughout the process.
  • Automate your sales process from lead generation to closing.
  • Reduce the loan origination system (LOS) timeframe.
  • Provide access to your customers to get updated status on the loan and any tasks they are required to complete.
  • Create referral and partner tools to develop those relationships.
  • Integrate with other software, such as CRM, accounting, etc.
  • Generate notifications and alerts to keep all parties in line.

Custom Software for Real Estate Brokers and Agents

Realtors work together with mortgage lenders, so their software needs to support that. Most of that has to do with getting the right forms filled out correctly and to the lenders exactly when the lenders need them. However, there are other aspects that custom software can assist Real Estate Brokers with, including:

  • Integration with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software: Real estate is a sales business, so staying in regular communication with your clients and prospects is important. So is running a constant, continuous marketing system. Information from your CRM can also be injected into forms for compliance and lenders, ensuring accuracy and timeliness.
  • Real-time Communication: It is important for Realtors to be instantly accessible and responsive. A custom software solution will provide alerts, notifications, and easy communications with their market.
  • Other Integrations: In making your workflows more efficient, your software will tie together accounting, reporting, payments, MLS/IDX listings, and more.

Special Considerations for Compliance

Mortgage lenders and brokers must stay compliant and up to date with any changes in FHA regulations. In addition to continuing education, custom mortgage and real estate software can keep agents and brokers compliant. In Arizona, there are specific forms that must be used in many cases. These can be generated right from the software. Again, the key is that the forms are accurate and timely.

Get Your Solution Started

We have experience in both mortgage and real estate custom software. We understand the process involved, the partner integrations, and the compliance. In fact, it's easier for us to keep your business compliant because we don't use off-shore developers. Our software prevents mistakes and keeps your process flowing, so that you’re able to close more business, faster.

Our solutions are used by two of the nation’s largest mortgage lenders. We can help your business, no matter how large or small. Contact us now to get your solution started.

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