Application Software: An Overview

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Custom application software enables your company to take the headaches out of growing, outdated software solutions used by different areas of your company. By developing a custom solution for your business, you’ll be able to scale your software and create an efficient user experience. But what exactly is Application Software? Simple.

What is Application Software

There are two basic types of software: Systems Software and Application Software. Systems software runs in the background on computers in systems like cars, machines, computers, etc. Application Software are programs used by people or users. Application Software typically runs on top of Systems Software. Application Software typically manipulates data, creates reports, manages data, etc.

Application Software Examples

You use Application Software every day in products like Microsoft Office, Google Docs, and QuickBooks. Some Application Software examples include:

You get the idea now. Application Software is what businesses and users use every day to help manage data, create efficiencies, and speed up communication.

Types of Application Software

What types of Application Software can be custom-written especially for small businesses? Sol Minion Development can create just about any custom application package for your business, including the following:


Take a look across your organization. Where does old, outdated software create bottlenecks, lost data, and slow communication? Those are the opportunities your business has to develop your own, custom application software solutions. Not only does Sol Minion Development offer these solutions, but we can help you identify the best way to go about it. Contact us today to get the conversation started.