Application Software: Association Management

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Still using spreadsheets? Or ten different programs, each with its own login? If that’s how your organization is managing your constituent data and running day-to-day operations, then your team will benefit from a single, integrated solution: an Association Management Software solution.

What Is Association Management Software (AMS)

Association Management Software (or Association Management System) is a software package that incorporates all of the features a professional, trade, or charitable organization needs to run their business. It manages the data records for the group’s members and allows members to access and control that data. An Association Management Software package can either take on all of the software roles in one solution, or it can tie together several pieces of software into one, seamless solution.

The goal of AMS is to help manage the organization and save staff time in doing so. It is essentially a data or information management system, allowing both staff and constituents to access and modify the data.

What Are Key Features of Association Management Software

A custom solution will handle the exact functions your organization requires, along with some industry best-practices. That said, here are some typical features of Association Management Software:

Should Your Organization Choose a Custom AMS Solution?

As you read through the list of key features above, you likely see the need for most, if not all, of those. The key benefit to a good, custom AMS solution is the integration and automation of many of those functions. When your software sends out communications automatically, collects membership dues on time, and generates financial reports automatically, that saves your staff time. It also provides your team with the key data and information you need to make strategic decisions. So, while features are important, the key benefit to a well-designed, custom-built AMS is in the automation.

How to Choose the Right Association Management Software

When we design your custom Association Management Software, we will first analyze your organization’s needs, for both your team and your members. We’ll take a look at the methods you use today, from spreadsheets to other software. Then, we’ll design a solution that helps your organization run more efficiently. The budget for a custom AMS solution is significant, and we understand that commitment. That’s why we take the time to make sure you get a solution that has measurable benefits to both you and your constituents.

Contact us today to get started on your custom Association Management Software.