3 Tips to Dominating the Local Market as a Small Business

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As a small business, it can seem like a monumental task to get noticed on the Web. You're competing against huge, multi-national companies with marketing budgets that dwarf your gross revenue. There are options, though, and it's important to find ways to get noticed locally. Market smarter, not harder.

Local Listings

Google uses data from all their services as part of their page ranking. Make sure you've got your business listed in Google Places, Bing Places, and your address is complete (and updated) on any social media pages you maintain as part of your social media strategy (but especially Facebook and Google+).

Be a Part of the Community

The greatest strength a small business has is that of the local community. Be active in it. Volunteer if you can. Donate to causes you support (and make sure you let people know). Join a local Chamber of Commerce (I've talked quite a bit about how joining the Tempe Chamber has helped me grow). Just be visible in the local community.

Get Local Government Contracts

Register as a vendor with your local government procurement agency and keep an eye out for contracts that are earmarked for small businesses. While, this will require you to carry minimum insurance coverage, it opens you up to an entire market of potential recurring revenue. Be sure to evaluate the costs so you can be sure you don't bid yourself out of business.

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