3 Questions Clingy Customers Still Want Answered

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It's been nearly two years since I first posted my blog "3 Questions Clingy Customers Want Answered", but it still holds true. You might be wondering why I didn't just recycle the blog. If you weren't, well ... I'll tell you anyway - it wouldn't help with my goal to get new content every week this year. I also wouldn't be able to tell you about a recent interaction I had related to answering those questions.

Entrepreneur.com recently posted an article with a very similar title: The 3 Questions Customers Don't Ask That You Need to Answer. They're worded slightly different, but the concept is the same. If you've adequately expressed who you are, you'll have answered their, likely unspoken, question in such a way that they know you understand their specific problem and you are able to solve it for them. Conveying what you do well enough means you've answered their question about whether you really have a solution for them. Finally, if you've answered the question about who says you do both of these things and do them well, you'll answer their question about whether you can prove it and are a trustworthy business partner.

Recently, we revisited a proposal we completed for a client last year that, initially, ended with them selecting another vendor. That vendor, unfortunately, has yet to complete the job they originally signed up for. This particular proposal was for an ecommerce site which is currently operated on an aging and proprietary platform that is no longer serving this company's needs. They have a modest product line of approximately 4,000 SKUs with no variations to speak of. For the average developer, managing this amount of data is simple. For Web professionals that don't have application development experience, this is much more difficult.

Quickly transferring this information into a new site requires a deeper understanding of databases and product data and how that information interrelates to describe and identify those products. In this case, the prospect shopped primarily on price, without considering the overall goal and what expertise it may require to complete the project.

We specialize in Web development. While most freelancers and individuals claim the title of Web Developer, most are, in reality, Web Designers (they have an eye for design and layout, but not data and systems architecture) or WordPress Administrators (they simply implement WordPress and grab plugins they believe will serve their purpose). Our team, however, can craft completely custom solutions, including custom WordPress and Joomla plugins or complete applications from scratch.

If you're looking for a team that can complete a custom solution to automate your operations, launch an online storefront, or create a custom portal you can use to interact with your customers, contact us.