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Your software IS your business. You want solutions that empower your team, that don’t get in the way. Solutions that speed up your business, not slow it down. Solutions that keep up with your agile business, not fight growth. Solutions that enable you to do more with the same resources from a Software Services and Strategy Consulting company that understands.

Empower your team to do more of what they love to do and less of what they have to do.

What We Do

We are the only team out there creating Technology Strategy and Solutions specifically for small businesses that are secure, easy to use, AND that focuses on your business goals. With a whole suite of automated tools, your software will take care of all the little things, allowing your team to focus on what they do best.

We begin with your business goals. We focus on the entire business, providing a holistic approach to business performance facilitated by the right technology solution.

Technology Strategies and Solutions That Deliver

Does this sound familiar? “If we could just fix that ‘one thing,’ business would run so much better!” The solution to fixing that “one thing” is technology. Automate your business. Save time. Get people doing what they do best -- their jobs. When your team spends time exporting, importing, playing with spreadsheets, and entering the same data multiple times, they get frustrated and business slows down. We deliver the solution -- software that automates your business and enables growth and efficiency.

Manage Your Business, Not Your Software

The Time Is Now

You may already be experiencing these challenges -- when companies wait to implement the right software solution, their problems start to grow and compound. Data becomes a mess. Operations slow down. Vulnerabilities open up in security. And it all gets more and more expensive to fix.

For less than half the cost of doing this in-house, we can develop the right solution for your business. We’ve been developing custom software for over a decade, helping our clients achieve real results. We started as a small business just like yours, so we understand your challenges and your desired outcomes. As active members of our community, we have become a trusted resource. We can help your business, too.

Client Testimonials

For several years now has worked with Sol Minion Development for our software needs. Everything from new development, upgrading our software, migrating to new and better technologies, and support has been handled by Sol Minion with a high level of professionalism.

They are innovative, dependable, and trustworthy. That last part is most important to me…trust. Software development costs can easily spiral out of control if you’re not careful. Working with Peter at Sol Minion we’ve always laid out budgets and stayed on point. Having worked with multiple vendors I can assure you this is not always the case. That trust we have combined with their knowledge and innovation is why we continue to use Sol Minion Development.

Rob Ellis,

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Strategies and Tools for Collaborative Project Management Across Borders

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Shore Up Your Defenses: Secure by Design Practices for Small Business

No matter your industry, you rely on a network of third parties to manage various aspects of your business. Along with services like cloud storage, website hosting, and network management comes the inherent risk of sharing sensitive data. We place trust in these vendors by default, and it’s easy to treat security like an afterthought — something we entrust to yet another third party.  

By implementing Secure by Design (SbD) practices, you accept a collaborative relationship with software providers alongside common sense and a healthy dose of caution.