Something New is Coming!

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Many small businesses get overwhelmed when faced with all the components necessary for a successful marketing plan. They hear about SEO and social media and email marketing, but it's daunting (and expensive) to implement a complete marketing solution or to break it up into manageable pieces. To help our fellow entrepreneurs out, we are now offering hands-on workshops which break up the marketing into something less daunting.

Beginning with our first session in January, we will begin hosting hands-on training workshops which help small business owners and entrepreneurs leverage technology to help their business without adding to their to-do list. The format is simple: 60-90 minutes of hands-on training and everyone walks out with the automation taught by the class in place so they can build their business.

Our first workshop will focus on building the foundation of a solid marketing plan by making it easy to build an email subscriber list without spamming and without requiring double-entry of your contacts' information.

If this is something you're interested in, register by December 28th and receive 30% off your registration fee. Already great at building an email list? Fantastic! Please forward this link to someone you feel may be interested in some help. Every workshop is catered, just bring a laptop and your ambition to learn something new.