SolSuite: Association Management Software Built For Your Team

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SolSuite is a web-based Association Management Software (AMS) solution that empowers business associations and organizations to help their members grow their businesses. It uses ecommerce, gift cards, automated marketing, and event management to help your members find new revenue and new customers. And that’s all on top of an AMS built from the lessons learned from years of developing similar projects. The result is SolSuite, designed with you in mind, to help you help your members, to help your team manage the organization.

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Helping Your Members During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Many small businesses are unable to take advantage of sales and marketing tools to help them get through this pandemic. Things like gift cards, automated marketing, and events offer small businesses a way to create new streams of revenue. But many are not equipped with the right technology to do so. With the right AMS, chambers and other organizations can help their members and provide a real benefit in these uncertain times. After all, your goal as a membership association is to grow your own membership numbers by providing real value. Below are some benefits you can deliver with the right AMS:

With these benefits, you’ll create a "Marketplace" that provides a simple way for your members to promote and grow their businesses.

It’s Also About the Success of Your Team

Membership Organizations often complain that their websites and software are cumbersome and difficult to manage. They spend a lot of time managing information. For example, when a member registers for an event, the association employees (or volunteers) then take time to copy/paste that information into other systems. Your AMS should handle that for you and be tied right into your website and other systems. With a solution like SolSuite, you get:

The Partner Manager: Treat Your Members Like Partners

Your Association Management Software should help you manage your investors -- your members. You may refer to these individuals and companies as sponsors, members, or partners. Ultimately, you rely on investment through sponsorships, memberships, and/or partnerships. That is why an AMS like SolSuite needs to simplify things for your membership team. The Partner Manager module of SolSuite makes that whole task simple.

Discover the Possibilities for Your Organization

Your team needs to spend its time fundraising, growing membership and delivering real benefits to your members. They don’t need to spend that time fighting their software and their data. The right Association Management Software solution should handle all of that for you.

SolSuite does that and more. With SolSuite, you’ll be able to easily manage your organization. You’ll also be able to offer real benefits to your members, including a digital directory, gift cards, events, and promotions.

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