Software Development Planning: What to Consider

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In our recent blog, Web Design versus Web Development: Information Design, we touched on things you need to consider when developing a new application for your business. In this article, we expand on that. If you’re thinking to yourself, “I’m still not sure exactly what solution I need,” we’ll help you focus in on the answer by looking at types of users and the desired outcomes. We’ll look at internal versus external users, and we’ll dive into outcomes such as marketing, revenue, and operations.

Software Development: Business Outcomes

Let’s take a look at what you really need this software to do for your business, beginning with the end in mind: the business outcomes of our application. Look at things like lead generation, online sales, promoting existing products, creating efficiency, etc. Those outcomes can be segmented into three primary types:

Application Development: Know Your Users

Now that you’ve identified the desired outcomes for your business’ new software, you need to identify who is going to use it. You have two basic types of users:

For each type of software mentioned above, you may have a mix of internal and external users. Understanding who is going to be using this software, and why, will be vital to developing this custom software for your business.

Consider the following for each type of software:


As you gather the information needed to develop your custom software, you can simplify the design of the application by understanding both the desired outcomes -- marketing, revenue, or operations -- and those who are going to use it -- both internal and external. Once you have a grip on these, the design will start to flow, and you will end up with a great piece of custom software to help your business get to that next level.