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Build Loyalty Into Your Application

Empower your users. Enabling your customers to create and manage their own accounts on your website or app creates new opportunities for your business. You’ll access new data and intelligence. You’ll save time. And best of all, you’ll create a customer experience that will keep your users around for a long time.

Why Build an Online Registration/Account Management System?

When you build digital products and services into your application, your customers expect to be able to control that experience. Offering a self-service portal gives your users that control. It also makes using the app easier and more efficient, using stored information rather than asking your users to keep entering the same data repeatedly.

An online accounts system will also help you run your business. You can build custom reports based on user behavior and information, collect payments faster and offer users access to their own history without calling into your accounting team.

Keys To a Great User Registration and Account Portal

Making the registration process easy can be a key part of your marketing plan. When your application pulls in new users and makes it simple for them to set up an account, they will be more likely to use the application.

Keys to a great registration system are:

  1. Mobile Friendly and Responsive: Whether your application has a true mobile app or users access it through a mobile browser, it needs to look, feel, and perform just as well, if not better, than your desktop version.
  2. Secure: Demonstrate to your users that you take their data security seriously, and they will be more likely to engage and use the application. Additionally, offer encrypted password management that allows users to easily reset that password. Finally, require email verification during setup.
  3. Easy to Use: Simplify registration by collecting only the necessary information and reducing the number of form fields to the minimum. Users can add more data and information as they build out their own profiles later on. Hold their hand and guide new users through the setup process, trying to anticipate their questions and possible stopping points.
  4. Complete: The point of offering user registration and account setup is to empower your users. Make sure they have access to all of the information they want and the ability to shape their experience with your application, making it smooth and as simple as possible. Falling short of this can cause frustration and, eventually, churn.

Account Registration and Management Functionality

Your account registration and management system builds value into your application. Yes, it will help your internal business systems and create efficiencies, but it also creates confidence and a great experience for your users. Consider the following functionality for your user registration system:

  1. Data: Move any forms your customers fill out into the portal and save those forms in their profiles for later use. Make entering and storing user information easy and obvious.
  2. Sign-In: Make finding the account system on your site easy. Don’t make them search for it. Let users decide how long they want to stay signed in and honor that. Separate “Sign In” from “Register” (yes, “Register” is preferred over “Sign Up” to avoid confusion -- have you ever thought you were signing up only to get, “Login Failed”?).
  3. Customize: Allow users to customize their experience with your application, from payment options, pricing packages, to the organization and use of the application such as the start page and easy access to most-used features.
  4. Integration: Integrate the account into other applications and platforms to share information, reduce data input, and create a truly holistic experience. Think CRM, email marketing platform, and logistics applications.
  5. Communication: Enable users to set up how they want notifications from your application. Consider email, SMS, and even push notifications on mobile.

Designing Your Online Registration and Accounts System

The design process for your account registration system is similar to the process for developing a digital product and may be incorporated into that project. It is important to understand your work flows and processes, so that we can create a registration system that collects the right information and sets up your users to maximize the benefits of your application. Consider the forms, spreadsheets, and other ways you currently gather user data and build that into your accounts system. This will save your team time and create efficiencies that your users will appreciate.

Get A Quote For Your User Registration System

If your application is ready for a great user registration and account management system, get a quote, and we’ll let you know what’s possible for your business. Think of the potential new revenues you can achieve with customer loyalty and use of your application. Consider the efficiencies you can create with a great registration system. Building this into your application can be a smart investment in growing your user base and your revenues. Contact us now to get your quote started.