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Plenty of things can change in a week and I find it easy to forget I need to do things besides work when deadlines are looming, but I made sure to take time out for some important events last week. Thanks to some great events that carried celebration through the weekend, I hit the ground running on Monday.

Back in December, Mike D'Elena, a HomeSmart real estate agent, stopped by the Tempe Chamber's Business Before Hours event and announced the upcoming Second Chance Prom. That event took place last weekend and, along with my fiancé (yep, that changed last Thursday), we joined him at The Duce for a great cause. Second Chance Prom is an annual event that benefits the Phoenix Children's Foundation and they raised over $18,000 in donations.

I'm a big fan of Phoenix Children's Hospital and their Foundation, but struggle to get involved, and being able to participate in such a fun event knowing it was all for a great cause was a no-brainer. As business owners, I think we all get lost in the daily insanity of building, growing, and operating our business, but this was my reminder that it's not all fun and games and it's OK to take some time out for fun and charity. If you get a chance, take a break (you earned it!) and check out a few of these great local charities: