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I'm a music nut. I love all genres and I'm often slow to answer my phone because I need to mute the music streaming out of my tablet station behind me in my home office. This may not have much to do with business, but does everything have to? This is a new monthly blog segment in which I'll be talking about non-business things and how they link to your business.

I struggled at first with finding a way to write this blog and I finally landed on talking about what's on my playlist and why it matters to me. I'm a fan of song writing and that crosses genres. Music has a message in the lyrics and I find myself connecting more often with music about struggle. Sometimes it's country, sometimes a little hard rock, but it always helps me gain some perspective. The first time I heard "Roads Untraveled" from Linkin Park, I thought about all the things that happened along the way to becoming a business owner and the number of times I wanted to give up and not deal with the stress.

To me, "Roads Untraveled" is a reminder that you get where you are because of the people that came into your life, not in spite of them. Regardless of how someone impacted you - for better or worse - they did have an impact and you shouldn't discount the lessons from it. This song reminds me not to worry about what may have been, but to focus on the road ahead and the good people that surround me. Every time it comes up on my playlist I find myself focusing better and getting more done.