Make it Easy for Customers to Pay You

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Late in 2014, it was brought to our attention that having a button on the Web site so our customers could pay their balance would be really helpful. PayPal offers some payment button options, but I prefer Stripe for credit card processing. Unfortunately, there were no "pay any amount" extensions for Joomla. ... Until now.

Introducing Stripe EasyPay for Joomla. It's an easy to install, easy to setup Joomla extension that enables service providers to easily collect payments on their invoices. By installing the module and linking it to a Stripe account, service providers can take payments for any amount directly from their Web site. And it's completely responsive and works great on mobile devices.

Stripe EasyPay is available from Sol Minion Development for a nominal licensing fee of $19 per Web site, including updates for the first year.

Are you a service provider and want to make it easier for customers to pay you? Get Stripe EasyPay and start accepting payments on your site today.