Legislative Update: HB 2259 and User Portals

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House Bills 2259 has been introduced in the Arizona State Legislature by Rep. Bob Thorpe, R-Flagstaff. The bill has not progressed at this point, but it’s important for anybody running a website to keep an eye on what our elected officials are thinking. HB 2259 would have the effect of requiring any website with 500 or more users to create a user portal where those users can manage their personal information.

Other Legislation in the Works in Arizona

To get some insight into where things are going, the Legislature also passed (House) an appropriations bill to allocate $4,000,000 to build its own user portal on its business startup site. Another indication that legislators are eyeing the digital domain is SB1460, which defines which digital products and services will be taxable (like Netflix and Spotify) and which will not, such as custom software development. That bill has passed committee in the State Senate.

Is GDPR Coming to the US?

If you’ve been keeping on top of what Europe is doing with GDPR and protecting consumer data, then you can see the signs of similar regulations coming to the US. This past week, both the U.S. House and Senate held debates on internet privacy concerns, prompted by big headlines with data breaches (e.g. Equifax) and loose protection of personal information (e.g. Facebook).

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