Information Security In Custom Software Is A Top Priority

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Cybersecurity involves more than installing the latest router or anti-malware software. Information security needs to permeate the entire organization, including technology and people. In much the same way, securing your information during the development of custom software needs to be part of the entire software development life cycle, from planning through implementation to training. Information security in custom software needs to be a priority.

Why Security In Software Needs To Be A Priority

The ultimate protection of your data and information including that of your customers and partners is the reason to make security in custom software a priority. To support that aim, here are some other reasons that this needs to be a priority.

  1. Remote Workers: Your software is going to extend beyond the walls of your building. Remote workers introduce new and unique vulnerabilities to your business.
  2. Improved Software Performance: When your software stays up to date with patches, updates, and upgrades, it will run more efficiently.
  3. Automation: Scanning, analyzing, and responding to threats 24/7 is more than humans can handle. Including automation into your custom software makes this possible.
  4. Compliance: For many industries (financial, manufacturing, healthcare), security is required through compliance.
  5. Going Digital: Many businesses are offering their services in digital packages. This creates a new vulnerability and an easy target for hackers.
  6. Software Integration: Custom software integrates solutions across an organization, including tying into solutions from vendors and suppliers. Remember the Target hack? That came through an HVAC vendor.

Is Custom Software More Secure?

When cybersecurity is part of your entire software development cycle, then a custom solution will likely be the most secure option. Custom software can automate updates, patches, and upgrades (as mentioned above). It can also become part of your overall information security strategy, including the most vulnerable point in your protection -- your people.

With a custom solution, you’ll also have more control over user access and policies. Limiting and being able to quickly adjust user access can help intervene and prevent threats.

The biggest factor in how secure your custom software is -- from implementation through its lifespan -- is the experience of your software development team. If your software developer makes information security a priority, then your custom software is more likely to secure your data and information properly.

How To Secure Custom Software

Keeping your new custom software secure involves the entire organization, including suppliers, vendors, customers, and your team. Training plays a large role in your information security strategy. That said, there are a few ways to secure your software:

  1. Multi-Factor Authentication: Requiring users to use a second form of verification -- email, phone call, text, generated code -- will prevent hackers from successfully using usernames and passwords they uncovered digging around the dark web and elsewhere.
  2. User Permissions/Access: This is the “need to know” part of security. If one user mistakenly gives access to a hacker through their account, you can limit the damage right away by only providing users access to the data they need rather than access to all the data.
  3. Training: This is more than cybersecurity training. As part of that, all users of the software -- internal and external -- need to understand how the software works, different levels of access, sharing policies, and how to react to alerts.
  4. Monitoring and Detection: Custom software needs to have automated monitoring and detection systems in order to prevent attacks and minimize damage during a breach.
  5. Encryption: When you encrypt your data, you protect it even in the event of a breach.
  6. Secure Password Policies: Automated bots are on the job 24/7 trying to find access through software. The right password policy, as well as multi factor authentication, will keep them out.

Securing Your Custom Software

For over 20 years, Sol Minion has made information security part of every custom software project in every phase of development. That’s what it takes to secure your data properly. It comes down to experience and expertise. That’s what we bring to your project.

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