Cyber Resilience: Cybersecurity In Software Development

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Could you imagine making a major investment in custom software for your business only to discover that it left your business vulnerable to cybersecurity threats? That is why cybersecurity in software development is so vital to your business’s cyber resilience plan. And it’s something that Sol Minion has made part of each custom software solution we develop and have been doing so for 20 years.

What Is Cybersecurity In Software Development?

A little over 20 years ago, OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project®) was created to provide guidance, resources, and standards for software security. We have made those practices part of our development process since day one at Sol Minion.

This means that we include the following in our development process:

A Note About SaaS And Cybersecurity

More often than not these days, clients come to us with existing SaaS (software as a service, i.e. “cloud”) solutions, wanting the new custom software to integrate with that SaaS solution. When we bring up cybersecurity, they think it’s all safe and sound, protected by the cloud. Could you imagine the damage if a hacker got your Google, Microsoft, or QuickBooks password? That’s the human part of the cybersecurity equation. We design our software to protect against those attacks, but we recommend a good cybersecurity training plan as well.

Cybersecurity Goes Beyond Software And Hardware

Cybersecurity goes beyond your technology. In fact, we believe cybersecurity belongs on your board of directors’ meeting agenda. It belongs on every department leader’s meeting agenda. When cybersecurity is part of your culture -- just like ethics and customer service -- then it gets the resources it needs to keep your business safe. Those resources include budget and people. We’ve been building security into our custom software solutions for two decades. When you combine our software with a diligent cyber-culture, then you’ll be well-prepared to identify threats, protect your business, and detect any attacks before it’s too late.

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