Customized Business Logic

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Take the unique and complex way your business operates, and simplify that with custom software. Now make that solution available to your entire workforce and even vendors, suppliers and customers. That is Customized Business Logic, a technical term we use to describe how we develop software to help your business run more efficiently and your employees get more done.

Standard, industry software solutions aren’t always a good fit. Businesses often have very different operational requirements, and customized business logic is the way to bridge that gap. As an example, consider different types of law firms. Many standard litigation law firms will benefit from generic industry practice management platforms, while specialized attorney firms, such as credit repair law, that are not heavy in litigation, won’t get the same benefit from those existing packages. They need a custom solution.

Benefit of Custom Business Logic

The most significant benefit in deploying this solution is having a distributed workforce with access to the tools, systems, and data they need -- anywhere, anytime. With simple access via a modern web browser, your employees will have secure access to everything they need to manage their operations, including order fulfillment, logistics, sales, and customer support. This cuts down on the time it takes to support your customers and get issues resolved, as it empowers employees to address those right on the spot. Your customers will be amazed by the instant estimates, parts ordering, trouble fixes, and communications delivered by your connected team.

Building Your Customized Solution

Growing companies quickly realize they are outgrowing their existing software and start searching for their next solution. At that time, they realize that they’ve created some intricate, unique business processes that don’t fit into an off-the-shelf software solution. A custom software solution is in order. Get me an ‘app’!

The process to design the right software for your business begins with your business goals and existing workflow. First, by understanding what you want to accomplish and how you’re getting there today, we can lay out a similar set of logic and process in your software. Then, we’ll have discovery (Q&A) calls with key players to understand what they need from the software, in terms of both process and deliverables -- output. This dialog continues throughout the development process in order to get required feedback as we progress and fine-tune the solution.

We also identify any third-party applications that need to be integrated into this solution. These connected services might be simple middleware solutions, existing APIs (application programming interface) or custom-built modules. No matter how they are implemented, we can use these to trigger events, launch new processes, and send alerts that keep your operations flowing without delays -- automation.

Finally, we design the user interface -- how the application looks and flows. This includes everything from the auto-filling of data to access to documentation to the ease of use for your users. Imagine taking an existing paperwork nightmare or a complicated software process and making it easy and fast. That is the objective.

The Hidden Benefits

Some of the best benefits from customized business logic is that your users won’t even see it. The power is under the hood. A simple form fill on the website can trigger an entire marketing flow. An online purchase can schedule follow ups, order renewals, and cross-selling opportunities. When a workflow becomes automated and no longer depends on a human to manage it, it frees your employee to focus on their duties.

What’s in it for you?

If ‘business logic’ starts to feel like ‘government efficiency’, then a good review of your operations and a fully custom software solution might be exactly what your business needs. Take the complex workflows that your company has created over the years and turn them into easy web-based applications for your employees, vendors, and customers. Your business will run more efficiently, and you’ll have the extra time to focus on growing the business.

Take the first step, and let’s discuss your software possibilities.