Custom Forms Automation Software for Small Business

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Automate forms across your entire enterprise. Forms, surveys, contracts and other documents can be completely automated, eliminating risks of human error and ensuring that your business doesn’t come to a standstill due to a broken paper trail. Automated forms are another way businesses are using technology to create a great customer experience, eliminate waste, and generate operational efficiencies. That improves the top and bottom lines of the profit-and-loss statement, as well as creating customers who become raving fans.

Forms on Demand

Businesses use custom software to generate forms on demand. Rather than managing pre-printed paper forms, these automated forms reduce waste, save time, and become part of the overall process in the company, creating efficiency rather than becoming a bottleneck in the pipeline. Automated forms also reduce the risk of errors and ensure continuous process flow. Your software will now be able to create custom alerts to key players along that process.

The benefits of automated forms include:

  1. Reduced waste
  2. Automated workflows
  3. Increased efficiency (reduced costs)
  4. Compliance and risk reduction
  5. Highly customized forms and processes
  6. Communication and Integration with other applications

Custom, Pre-Filled Forms

One of the best examples of automated forms are pre-filled forms. With our clients, we have already made pre-filled forms part of our custom software solutions, including:

The software creates, pre-fills, and delivers these forms on demand. That has the benefit of moving processes forward according to your custom business logic, without delay, and reducing the time the customer needs to spend in the form -- a win-win solution. And all of these forms are custom designed for your business and its processes.

The Dreaded Mail Merge

Another opportunity for automated forms is the dreaded mail merge, electronic mail, and snail-mail. Employees often spend too much time trying to implement a mail merge, doing trial runs, fixing address list errors, etc. Make this part of your company's internal software, and that problem becomes an opportunity for growth.

The Power of Data

When you automate forms and allow customers, vendors, suppliers and employees to fill in these forms electronically, that information becomes valuable data. And this data is collected in real-time, allowing you to push that information into other workflows and processes. This gets other flows going faster, reduces duplicate efforts, and ensures that all parts are working together seamlessly. Finally, having real-time access to the data allows owners and managers to make better, more informed decisions based on actual data, rather than guesses or projections.


Compliance Officers (aka entrepreneurs and small business CEOs) can rest easier knowing required forms, signatures, and document security are being handled by their custom software and its automated forms. Health care (HIPAA), Finance (PCI), and other businesses that manage sensitive data in highly regulated industries rely on automated forms to maintain that compliance and to document it for future audits.


When a software application is accessible via laptop, tablet and smartphone, it empowers employees to generate these automated, electronic forms from anywhere. These keep your processes flowing rather than waiting on the proverbial paperwork to get filled and filed. Using secure connections, these also help keep your team in compliance with regulations and data security.

How Can We Help Your Business?

If your business relies on paper or out-of-the-box electronic forms, we may be able to help you automate your processes, integrate your information, and bring your business into the modern age of automated forms. Not to mention the leg up on your competition. Contact us today, and we’ll consult with you to find opportunities to make key improvements in your workflows.