Custom CRM: So Much More than Sales

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software helps a business stay in touch with its customers. It has come to be known as “sales” software -- tracking sales activities, proposals, opportunities, and closed business. But a CRM is supposed to do so much more, including marketing communications, order fulfillment and tracking, and more. That’s what makes a custom CRM so valuable -- your business isn’t tied down to the features and specifications of an off-the-shelf CRM package that overlooks those other business functions. Let’s learn more about how you can really leverage a good CRM to make your whole business run better and more profitably.

A Good CRM Makes Other Business Functions Better

A custom CRM, like one developed by Sol Minion Development, provides a framework for product fulfillment. That includes everything post-sale, such as building the product or delivering the service, custom manufacturing, shipping and delivery, customer service follow up, billing, and support. Throughout that entire process, there are opportunities to increase efficiency and automate repetitive, menial tasks. A customer who knows the status of an order is less likely to take your company’s time calling in to find out.

Other ways a custom CRM can help your business operations include:

Hidden Benefits of a Custom CRM

A good CRM will help improve many business functions outside of sales. In most companies, the only team who works in the CRM is sales, and maybe some leadership. When you make your CRM part of the operations of your business, you’ll give access to key information to all teams, including production, finance, HR, fulfillment, and more. Your whole organization will work together to create some new benefits from your CRM, including:

The CRM Ecosystem

As you know, connecting different software services together creates efficiencies in both information flow and human work. A custom CRM integrates with several other pieces of software to create the benefits described above, including:

Ready To Unleash Your CRM?

If you’re using a standard CRM solution, you may be sitting on some great opportunities to use a custom solution and realize the benefits of a truly integrated CRM. Contact us today, and we’ll help you understand the possibilities and see if a custom CRM is right for your business.

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