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When an existing software solution needs to integrate with another application, we call that a ‘Connected Service.’ The goal is to pull in the power of existing processes to create more efficient business operations. While this might be part of your existing business logic, it is most often an add-on to enhance your processes through outside platforms. For example, an eCommerce system might tie into a supplier’s inventory management software to make order fulfillment faster and keep inventory costs down, thereby benefiting both sides of the equation.

Typically, your existing software applications can be enhanced or expanded directly or by bolting on other modules. If the solutions are pulling data from the same data source, then integration is not required. But when one application needs another application’s data, that is when a custom, connected service is required.

Implementing Connected Services

We have three primary options when it comes to connecting services. The method will depend on the existing software deployments and available integration methods.

Benefits of Connecting Services

Connecting Services can benefit any business with processes tied to software. Here are a few examples:

The real benefits of connecting your software services together are operational efficiencies and automation. The outcomes include:

Get Connected

CEOs, COOs and Business Owners see the need for connecting services before they even know what this means. If you see the need to get different applications talking together to make your business run more efficiently and free up your employees, contact us to get a gameplan going for your solution.

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