Cash Flow Strategies with Custom Software

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Your cash flow strategy does not have to begin and end with a grumpy CFO making demands. When you integrate Sales, Operations, and Finance by managing the automatic flow of information and triggering key events, your business will develop healthy cash flow strategies with custom software. Let’s take a look at the first area: Sales.

Sales Automation: Shrinking the Sales Cycle

Cash flows begin with a sale. Using custom software, you can shrink your sales cycle and start bringing in cash faster as a result. Here are some ways that custom software can help your business reduce that sales cycle:

Business Operations: Creating Efficiencies

Business managers focus on cutting costs and increasing efficiencies. Remember J.D. Rockefeller’s famous reduction of weld points on his kerosene cans from 40 to 39, saving his company $2500 the first year after making that change. Using custom software, your company can keep a keen eye on costs, efficiencies, and make necessary improvements to increase your cash flows. Here are a few ways you can do that:

Finances: Shorten the Cash Flow

The finance team is the one directly managing cash and writing “checks.” When you give them the right tools with custom software, you open up possibilities throughout all the functional areas of the business. Here are a couple of examples:

Custom Software: Tying it All Together with Integration

At this point, you realize that healthy cash flows depend on information flowing through the business, from Sales to Operations to Finance. That’s why using custom-designed software is such an important tool for your overall cash flows. Custom software integrates each functional area of your business and automates the sharing of that key data. That allows your business to trigger those key events that result in timely action throughout the organization.

If you have questions about how custom software can help you manage and maximize your cash flow, contact us today to schedule a review of your software needs.