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Version: 1.x


WP EasyJSON is a WordPress plugin that allows WordPress administrators to load object or array data in JSON format and display it in their posts and pages - even to spiders or visitors with JavaScript disabled.

This shortcode lets you pull data into your pages via an external API that returns data in a JSON format. Supports unlimited levels of nesting and JSON arrays and caches results to avoid overwhelming your data providers. Caching can be tailored to your needs using a configurable lifetime.

Important Security Note: This plugin allows you to bring content from remote sites into your posts. Please exercise caution, especially if you allow posting by untrusted users.


  • Import individual JSON objects or arrays of JSON objects
  • Supports HTML injection from API
  • Template-driven approach gives you complete control over the format.


  1. Download and install using the built in WordPress plugin installer.
  2. Activate in the "Plugins" admin panel using the "Activate" link.

Here are a few sample implementations.

Place this shortcode in your page contentsFor This Result
[json src="http://example.com/my_data_src?format=json" key="Data.mykey"]

Outputs contents of `mykey` in the `Data` object

[json src="http://example.com/my_data_src?format=json"]
I want my value to appear right here {Data.mysubdata.otherKey} in the
middle of my content.

Replaces the text in `{}` with contents of `otherKey` in the `mysubdata` object in the `Data` object

[json src="http://example.com/my_data_array_src?format=json"]
I want my value to repeat here {myKey} for every element of the array.

I also want to repeat nested arrays:
Repeated element of myArray: {repeatedElement}
Repeats myKey for every element in the root array of returned data and repeats repeatedElement for every element of myArray JSON array property a JSON object