Stripe EasyPay for Joomla is an extension that allows you to add a credit card payment form on any page of your Joomla site using the Stripe payment service.

Unlike other Stripe extensions for Joomla, Stripe EasyPay allows the payer to specify the amount that will be charged making it ideal for professional services companies that don't have fixed invoice amounts each month.


  • Amount specified by payer.
  • Integrates seemlessly with Stripe and is completely responsive
  • Two layouts work with the standard Joomla style sheet framework and Bootstrap 3.


  1. Upload `` via Extensions > Extension Manager
  2. Add a Stripe Payment Plugin module to your site
  3. Set your Stripe Publishable and Secret API key
  4. Let your customers know how easy it is to pay a balance.

EasyPay for Joomla Logo

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$19.00 (USD)


Current Version: 1.x