With the SageExchange Payments plugin, shop owners who use Sage Payment Solutions to process credit cards through their online store can configure HikaShop to process credit card payments through their existing merchant account.

The SageExchange Payments plugin is for use in conjunction with HikaShop and Joomla


  • Supports major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express)
  • Payment collected on website & not sent to a separate form


  1. Upload `sagepayments.zip` via Extension > Extensions Manager > Upload Package File
  2. Find & Activate the plugin by going to Extension > Extensions Manager > Manage
  3. Add the plugin through the Hikashop settings by going to Components > Hikashop then clicking through to System > Payment Methods
  4. Click 'New' and then click on the 'Hikashop Sage Payment Solution Payment Plugin'


  • M_ID/VT_ID/Gateway ID - obtained from sageexchange.com
  • M_KEY - obtained from sageexchange.com
  • Card Type - Comma separated list of credit cards that you wish to support. Ex: (Mastercard,VISA,American_Express)
  • Charge Card - If 'Yes' then credit cards will get charged. If 'No' credit cards will only be sent an Authorization request but payment will never actually be charged. When the setting is 'No', process the cards manually through sageexchange.com.
  • Debug - if 'Yes' then debug messages will be sent to the Hikashop log files.
  • Thank You Page - page to send the customer to after they have made  a purchase. If left blank then a generic 'thank you' page will be displayed
  • Invalid Status - Status to set the order to if the order is invalid
  • Verified Status - Status to set the order to if the order goes though fine. 

Note: Sage Payment Solutions is a separate merchant card processing product from Sage and is not compatible with the SagePay payment plugin. If you currently use SagePay, you must use the SagePay plugin available from HikaShop.

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$40.00 (USD)


Current Version: 1.x