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ExcelML Writer

ExcelML Writer translates any DataTable or DataSet object into an Excel- readable workbook. It can apply styling to header rows as defined in the configuration file (see attached "Test" project). Multiple DataTables are processed into multiple worksheets and the data is output into columns, as it would look in a database table. The information can then be manipulated as any other Excel spreadsheet.

ExML Writer is FREE and open-source and is available on GitHub.

ExML Writer is published under the Apache License 2.0 and is free to use in personal and professional projects. Feel free to download, use and contribute. Interface operates a free geo-coding Web service to provide developers with global address information. For an upcoming projects, we created a PHP wrapper to connect and perform a Zip Code lookup. operates at a free tier, with a premium data plan to obtain verified, coherent data. Our interface implements the free API (maximum of 500 results per request) and can obtain all zip codes for a given geographic area.

The geonames-api and accompanying geonames-api-bundle (compatible with the Symfony framework) are both published under the MIT license and free to use in personal and professional projects.

Other Projects

In addition to those projects we have initiated, we actively participate in other open-source projects with hundreds of other developers from around the world. We're fans of open source and it's our way of giving back to a resource that has helped us be successful.